Caffè Ginevra

Caffè Ginevra have been roasting coffee on the island of Sicily for almost a century with a long familiar tradition.

It was in 1923 when 12-year old Signor Massimino Ginevra first created the fragrant and aromatic blend of coffee using a small, traditional hand-held roaster. It wasn't long before his coffee was recognised nationally for it's individuality and above all, it's quality.

The art of coffee roasting was soon passed on from Father to Son which meant it was up to Pietro to maintain the high standards his Father had established, selecting only the finest of Arabica and Robusta beans which were to be blended and roasted to the same style that had brought them high acclaim in both Sicily and mainland Italy.

Today Caffè Ginevra guarantees those high standards are maintained and although the process of roasting coffee may have changed, that focus on quality and freshness is stronger than ever.

The production of the blend is accompanied by rigorous and continuous quality control, traceability and HACCP controls.

Each mixture follows a particular packaging process, designed to ensure and preserve the original fragrance. Freshly roasted and ground, the coffee is enclosed in a package velvety and soft (soft touch) in protected atmosphere with aroma-unidirectional valve, which prevents oxygen from coming into contact with the product.

From love for the genuine kindness and the constant search for sweetness, simplicity and balance comes a new line of family products "Caffè Ginevra."

Innovative packaging, modern in the creativity and in the single details, bright colors and original forms, without forgetting what has always defined the work of the historical company: attention to the quality of the raw materials and the care of the individual ingredients selected.
A passionate journey to discover the tastes, smells and emotions.

Our company works according to UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001.

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